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  • Q Where can I buy NuuGarden product?

    On every product page of our website is a ‘Send an Enquiry’ button. Once you have selected this, it will take you to the ‘Send an Enquiry’ page. After received your enquiry, our sales will contact you to associat you to place an order at the earlist time.

  • Q Who do I contact if I have any issues with my Nuu Garden product?

    Please contact the place of purchase with any issues on the first instance. If you need further assistance, please email

  • Q How do I look after my Nuu Garden product?

    In the support section of our website there is a ‘Care & Maintenance’ page. This page provides all the information you need to know on caring for your Nuu Garden product.

  • Q How do I/Can I clean my Nuu Garden product?

    You can clean all Nuu Garden products, but please make sure you carefully read the care & maintenance sheet received with your product before cleaning. For more information on taking care of your product, please go to the ‘Care & Maintenance’ page in the support section of our website.

  • Q Should I cover my Nuu Garden product?

    When not in use outdoors, if unable to store inside, it is advisable to cover all Nuu Garden product to protect from sun, wind, rain, frost, tree sap, bird droppings etc. Nuu Garden have a wide range of durable 'breathable' covers, visit the ‘Living Acce- ssories’ page to browse covers for furniture. It is NOT advisable to cover natural products (Wood, Rope, Ceramic furniture, etc) with a non-breathable fully waterproof plastic cover, as these covers can retain moisture under them causing a build up of mould.

  • Q Can I leave my Nuu Garden product out during winter?

    We recommend that you bring your Nuu Garden product indoors during winter months, to prolong the life of your product. You can leave it outdoors if you wish but please make sure you cover your product with a protective 'breathable' cover. Before storing your furniture ensure any moisture collected in frame tubes is drained out. In areas which are prone to heavy frost it is advisable to store stone furniture in a frost free environment. Cushions should be stored or covered when not in use to protect them from rain, sunlight, dust etc.

  • Q Can I leave season-proof cushions outside?

    Yes, season-proof cushions can be left outside all summer but should be brought inside for protection during longer periods when not in use, and in sustained periods of inclement weather. Please note scatter cushions sold with sets are not classed as eden season-proof cushions and therefore do not have the same weatherproof qualities.

  • Q What should I do if my cushions get wet?

    Where the cushion cover is removable, we recommend separating the cover from the inner filling and letting it air dry.

  • Q What is the warranty on my Nuu Garden product?

    All Nuu Garden product comes with a warranty. For more information, please visit the ‘Warranty’ page on our website.